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Krazzygamer3y2 is the animator of the famous flash series "Super Mario Bros Z KAI", he had worked on some flashes and it took him a lot of practice to prepare such an amazing flash series.


His nickname is Shifi (He cannot suffice to reveal his name), he is a young boy and is a brilliant flash animator.

His SMBZ ramblings started off with a 15fps movie called "New Super Mario World", which took dialogue and some actions straight from SMBZ, he continued and created 3 episodes in total, he never finished the fourth episode because of cancellation.

He then did a sort of sprite movie which is Super Smash Bros, which follows an arc containing some events, he was also going to work on a series like (SSB Meele, SSBB, SSBZ & SS Duel) he never finished SSB with success, he had 2 episodes worked on but didn't finish ep.3 due to problems, as a result, he shut down SSB & shutted down his old account (Action Replay Films) {His account is still open but wont submit any more movies...

In the new year of 2012, he opened Krazzy Studios and started his SMBZ ramblings all over again with NSMBZX (New Super Mario Bros ZX) and he was progressing well until SMBZ was cancelled, he shut down the NSMBZX project and moved on to more newer projects.

He is now ready & more skilled to animate SMBZ KAI like the legendary Alvin Earthworm.


  • On July 22 2012, he went back to work on SMBZ KAI when SMBGT TGA Ep.1 was finished
  • He is now working on a revamped beta test of SMBZ KAI which is on
  • He will progress more onto SMBZ KAI and make it beautiful... and epic.